At Mengray we are renowned for our stylish, affordable fashion. The unique touches we bring to our collections help us standout from the rest of the Brands in World. Our customers can always rely on us for great going-out looks and occasion wear, amazing Fabric and remarkable fitting. 

At Mengray we always aim to bring quality and original fashion to you, with great design at the heart of everything we create.

Almost all of our products are designed in-house and, as we have one of the most dedicated design teams in Pakistan. We are proud that we can deliver fabulous new fashion  online for you every single week. To us, design, quality and sustainability are not a question of price: we should always offer inspiring fashion with unbeatable value for money.  we’re on a journey to a better fashion future. To get there, we’ll need to work together, plan ahead and stay true to our passion.

Our friends and partners are already with us on this journey. And with your help we’ll get there even sooner. We value your feedback and would love to hear from you, get in touch.

Abdur Rehman
CEO / Founder

Irfan Basheer
Marketing Director

Public Relations